About Dickson & Dickson

Established in 1971, Dickson and Dickson jewellers is a family run business, which has been operating on Dublin's main road, O'Connell street (Named after the Irish hero Daniel O'Connell) for over 40 years. It is our aim to continue to provide the public with the best pieces of jewellery, with the greatest selection available.

We have an extensive range of traditional and modern Irish pieces, and you can have peace of mind knowing all our products are fully hallmarked, guaranteed and boxed. We also take every precaution to ensure that they reach you in optimal condition. Please feel free to send us any comments or suggestions and enjoy your visit to our site.

Dickson & Dickson Shop location on O'Connell Street

The above images show O'Connell St after the 1916 rising, and modern dhiay. The two windows under "King" will later become the premises for Dickson and Dickson.

Our Pledge

Since I started Dickson and Dickson in 1971, I've seen a lot of changes take place in the way people view jewellery. One thing that has never changed however, is the desire of people to recieve only the highest quality jewellery at the most reasonable prices.

I decided long ago that in order to succeed in an already heavily crowded market, I would have to adopt a unique policy towards the way I sold my jewellery. I decided that the best way for me to proceed, was to fulfil the dual obligations of quality and price. By making my prices lower, without sacrificing any quality in the jewellery I offered, I have been able to succeed for over forty years where others have failed.

Now that we have arrived in the 21st century, the traditional notion of a shop is changing, but the obligations remain the same. Therefore I have committed myself to fulfilling these same goals on my online business and I guarantee to provide the same level of care and attention towards my online customers as I did to my customers in O'Connell St, Dublin.
- Ken Dickson

ACJ, PO Box 12949, Harmonstown PO, Dublin 5, Ireland
Phone: +353 1 873 0418
Email: kendickson@allcelticjewellery.com

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