Irish Sterling Silver Claddagh Drop Earrings


Fully Hallmarked

The Claddagh ring is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry every created. The story and deeper meaning of the Claddagh ring is significant in every way

Width: 9.5mm = 3/8"inch

Height: 25.4mm = 1” tall, from the bottom of the heart to the top of the wire

Product ID: 8242

Hello Ken,
Yesterday I presented the Claddagh Ring to my girlfriend as an engagement ring, it fits perfectly and more importantly, She said YES! Thank You so much for that ring Mr. Dickson! The Quality and precision is really the highest possible, it looks stunning and the green emerald is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Looking forward for another pair of them. Sincerely,

Tomasz Sobczak - Poland

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