Men's Claddgh Ring - Extra Heavy

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Handmade in Dublin and Fully Hallmarked in the Assay Office at Dublin Castle

This extra heavy men's Claddagh Ring is a sleek uncomplicated Traditional Claddagh Ring design.

The Claddagh Ring is always a popular men’s jewelry choice. It signifies history and a connection to the past. It is seen as a statement of identity.

The Claddagh symbol consists of three different elements intertwined. Therefore forming one of the most heart-warming and beautiful symbols in Irish culture. Combining a heart balancing a crown on its top and held aloft by the pair of outreached hands, the Claddagh symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship.

Weight Sterling Silver: 12g approx.

Weight 10K Gold: 13.3g approx.

Weight 14ct Gold: 15g approx.

Width: 4mm approx.

Height: 18mm approx.

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