Sterling Silver Shamrock Necklace

Sterling Silver Shamrock Necklace

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Fully Hallmarked in the Assay Office at Dublin Castle

This Shamrock Necklace is an iconic symbol of Irish Heritage. This pendant features two silver shamrocks with one enclosed by a circle of clear Cubic Zirconia stones.

The name ‘shamrock’ comes from the Irish name “seamrog”, meaning little clover. The shamrock symbol is highly recognised as the badge of Ireland. It has been a symbol of Ireland since the 18th century.

The shamrock’s most direct link to the Irish people comes from of the legend of Saint Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland. So according to legend, Saint Patrick explained the Christian Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland using the three leaves of the shamrock as a metaphor.

However, today, the shamrock is firmly established as the most instantly recognizable symbol of Ireland. Every Saint Patrick’s Day the Taoiseach of Ireland presents a bowl of shamrock to the President of the United States. This is to symbolise the relationship between the two countries.

Celebrate your Irish Heritage with this Shamrock Necklace. Or make it the perfect gift with so much meaning for someone you love.

Chain: Sterling Silver 18” to 20″ Extender Diamond Curb 
Stone Details: Clear Cubic Zirconia 
Width: 12mm 
Height: 37mm

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